Regionals 2016 Recap OR How to Actually Capitalize on Past Revelations

Spoiler alert: Regionals 2016 was the best frigging competition I have ever had. Raafael is this year’s reserve champion for the 26″ division for the Nova Scotia/Newfoundland Regionals! I’m still a bit in shock, and I have easily rewatched the video of Raafi’s runs about thirty times by now. After last year’s abysmal results, it […]

Wisdom Panel DNA Test Review: Huh? Wait, what?

So there’s been a long standing joke about Raafi’s parentage. Basically, no one could come up with a definitive guess as to what his mix was beyond “German Shepherd and something, probably a kangaroo.” And while it doesn’t really make much of a difference (at three-and-a-half years old his personality is pretty well formed and […]